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Who is TruRPG?


We are a group of friends and avid gamers who have been playing D&D dince the Basic Set was released back when we were 10 or 12 years old. We followed the game, attending GenCon, writing and creating through Advanced D&D, then fell in love with Second Edition. It was at that time, when we were in high school or starting college, that we began writing in earnest. Like many of you, we wrote home rules, created campaign settings, new monsters, character classes, abilities and items.

We then became friends with some of the early TSR developers and began writing tournament adventures for GenCon. Our goal in writing adventures was two-fold. First, we wanted to create the adventures that everyone wanted to play - fighting dragons, killing liches, taking over enemy castles, defeating armies of giants etc. Secondly, we wanted to turn everything on its head - instead of saving the princess, you have to capture the princess; you have to cut off the Unicorn horn, not restore it; you are on the side of the evil invaders, not the goody-two-shoes defenders. We are also the first to admit that many of our themes are inspired by the larger pool of media available to us; we borrow from everything from Star Wars, The Princess Bride and Highlander to Game of Thrones, The Stand, and Stormbringer.

Our first tournaments were very well received and we often re-ran them in subsequent GenCons due to popular demand. We have now begun the process of converting those adventures to Fifth Edition, Roll20 and various other formats to make them available to the modern player. Our first series was originally called Rak and Roll (way back at GenCon 89), but we have renamed it Dark Ascension and it is now available for play in Roll20 and PDF format.

We plan to continue to convert and release our old tournaments as well as new content that we are constantly creating. All the material, artwork, and stories are our own originals and we hope that you love playing them as much as we loved writing them! Please leave us any feedback or ideas as we are very open to hearing our customer's thoughts.

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